About Us

Five unique creatives join to make music in the form of Ludlow Creek.

In 2013, this group of seasoned musicians and friends came together as a cover band for live performances as Southbound. An album “Hands of Time” followed in 2015 as the music continued filling clubs and event venues with southern and classic music in the rock genre.

Mid 2019 brought a renewed interest in riding a new wave of classic rock with original music. The name “Southbound” could no longer contain them. Songwriting had taken a turn in the road, and the music followed.

And then, you know, COVID. Live music was hard to come by. But writers have to write, and players have to play. What might have been constrictive to others was suddenly full of possibility for a group of creatives with a new identity to live into. Virtual sessions and quarantining for group work kept them together. A retreat to Nashville for writing in a loft full of possibility and promise brought inspiration and progress. 

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t quick. But now, five individuals’ passion and combined creativity harmoniously as one continues. Never a formula, the music is always genuine. 

Allen Seals – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Dave Benson – guitar, vocals
Jeffrey Friend – drums, vocals
Michelle Scarpelli – keyboards, vocals
Tom Scarpelli – bass, vocals

LUDLOW CREEK emerges as a powerful voice for the Midwest with new original music.

Listen to the music.  Attend a Live Performance. Join the Family.