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Which Way Is Forward on Indie Music Reviews

December 9, 2022

Zachary Rush writes “Ludlow Creek’s latest LP Which Way Is Forward? is a pretty substantial album for a band still finding their sea legs in their current iteration. It’s rare an album this early in a band’s career feels this fully formed but in the case of Ludlow Creek, they often come across as a… ( read more )

Melody Maker

Melody Maker reviews Which Way is Forward

December 2, 2022

Chadwick Easton writes “It’s virtually impossible, in my opinion, for anyone to come away from this song unimpressed with the collective voice they manifest during this track. It’s a band working together without a single lapse and achieving an uniformity of mood and sound that eludes many lesser bands.” Read more…

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The Spotted Cat Magazine reviews Which Way Is Forward

November 19, 2022

Rachel Townsend writes “Which Way Is Forward? is a shining example of a band in their absolute prime. The material is sharp, complex in its structure and composition, and yet simple enough to throw on as easy listening when the mood strikes. It crosses off several hallmarks of being a classic contemporary rock album, and it… ( read more )

Pop Icon Magazine

Pop Icon Magazine reviews Which Way Is Forward

October 20, 2022

Trace Whittaker writes “The vast majority of Ludlow Creek’s material is written with the stage in mind. Many of the songs boast physical and inventive music that gets close to listeners.” Read more…

Australia Film Festival

Stoney Lonesome Road Wins Australia Film Festival

October 8, 2022

Stoney Lonesome Road has won the award for Best Music Video for October 2022 in the Australia Film Festival. The video was produced and directed by Ray Monell of Monell Communications. This is the third award for the video. Previous awards were from the Gladiator Film Festival and the Golden Lion film festival.

GLIFF Award - Best Music Video

Stoney Lonesome Road Win Best Music Video At 2022 GLIFF Awards

September 1, 2022

Ludlow Creek and director Ray Monell win “Best Music Video” at the Golden Lion International Film Festival with Stoney Lonesome Road. Monell not only produced and directed the video, he was also one of the writers of the song. Golden Lion International Film Festival honors films from around the world with prestigious Golden Lion awards… ( read more )